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My Underground Ocean

York Land

"A unique experience that I haven't heard anywhere else. Fast paced beats and soothing sounds make for an album that surprises at every corner. Favorite track: DON'T TALK ABOUT DOG BREEDS." - pea_txt (


York Land is an electronic music producer that creatively fuses sounds and styles from numerous genres like jazz, synthwave, chiptune, glitch, experimental, and IDM, to name a few.

"My Underground Ocean" is the first album by York Land and is OUT NOW! It is a genre bending record with an overarching story.


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"This album brought me an immense amount of joy, if not for how satisfied I was on a personal level with it, then for how genuinely well-produced and well-executed the tracks are on the record. For a debut album, the record fills me with a great sense of optimism for the future of York Land." - RealmCopier (


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